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Junior Academy is a year-round program open to golfers of both genders, ages 6 - 14.  The program is designed to benefit everyone from beginner golfers with no prior knowledge of the game up to intermediate or even advanced golfers who want to improve their game.


Classes are organized into 7 skill levels and taught by an experienced PGA golf professional. All students start at level 1 and advance to the next level only by passing a challenge test to assess their mastery of that particular level. Intermediate and advanced students may bypass lower levels by passing the level's skills challenge. Students also receive a "character counts" lesson during each session focusing on trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Classes are organized to the ratio of 6 to 1. (6 students to 1 instructor)

Enrolling your child in our classes will both develop and improve their golf skills and understanding of the game. Part of the PGA Jr. League Program, the academy offers both fantastic junior golf programs and competitive events. Not only are the children learning the necessary skills, but they are also applying them regularly.


The academy is dedicated to growing the game of golf by bringing quality instruction to those individuals desiring to learn the rules and skills of the game, golf history, sportsmanship, integrity, and positive character traits associated with etiquette and tradition of the game. PLAYER DEVELOPMENT IS DEFINED AS A LONG-TERM STRATEGY VERSUS SHORT TERM TACTICAL TRAINING CLASS.

If you have questions, we have put together a convenient FAQ about the Junior Academy.

•    Level 1 – Introduction to full swing

•    Level 2 – Introduction to short game

•    Level 3 – Beginner

•    Level 4 – Advanced Beginner

•    Level 5 – Intermediate/Developmental

•    Level 6 – Advanced

•    Level 7 – Elite/Master

All classes consist of no more than 6 students per one coach, so you can be sure your child is receiving personal attention.


The Junior Golf Academy is a resource waiting to be tapped. Have a PGA professional teach your child the sport, and soon experience the bittersweet feel of him or her beating you on the course.


Golf is a great business tool and offers a great family experience.

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Growing the game one junior at a time

Beginners come to learn, established players come to improve

The levels of the academy

Individual attention will result in maximum growth in golf skill

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Introduce your junior to the great game of golf

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