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Bruce Sims has been teaching the game of golf to students of all ages and levels for over 25 years. He is a Class A Master Certified Teaching Professional. Known in the golfing community for his innovative teaching techniques which break down the complex aspects of the golf swing into easy to learn steps. With his simple techniques, Bruce's students quickly grasp the skills of the game. Bruce recognizes the uniqueness of each student's personal style. His golf lessons focus on evaluating your swing using the latest video techniques, assessing where improvements can be made and ultimately bringing you to a new level of skill with your game. His coaching philosophy is based on knowing you cannot standardize the golf swing as it's important to develop the swing based on your capabilities and after determining the most efficient way for you to swing the club.

Jeff Kennedy has been a golfer since the age of five when he began playing at the Texaco Country Club in Pasadena, Texas. Jeff became interested in playing competitive golf at the age of thirteen, playing in junior golf tournaments in the Houston area. In high school, he played on the golf team at Sam Rayburn High School. He continued competing at the college level as a member of the Texas A&I University golf team. After retiring from the U.S. Army at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2001, Jeff began teaching golf at the Austin Junior Academy. Jeff has spent a lifetime playing golf and now enjoys teaching others the fundamentals of the game. Jeff is able to provide comprehensive, professional golf instruction that is easily understandable to golfers of all abilities and skill levels.

Bruce Sims

Owner and Operator

Jeff Kennedy

Lead Instructor USGTF Certified

  • USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional since 1997

  • World Professional Golf Teacher's Association since 2004

  • PGA of America since 2001

  • National Golf Coach's Association since 2001

  • USGA member since 1995

  • Dallas Community College Golf Coach since 2008

  • Recipient of the Harvey Penick Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • World Golf Teachers Federation - Top 100 golf instructor 2016 - 2017

  • Recognized by Golf Digest as a U.S. golf instructor

  • Won numerous U.S. amateur tournaments

  • Won two-man best ball tournament at the World Golf Teachers Federation National Championship in 2004, 2007, 2008

  • Finished in the top ten in the World Golf Teachers Cup 2009

  • Finished in the top six in the United States Golf Teachers Cup 2011 and Division Winner 2012

  • Honorable Mention Top 50 Instructor  - US Kids Golf

  • Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches Association

  • Teacher of the Year 2015

  • PGTCA Teacher of the Year 2016-2017

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Piper Kyle

Piper Kyle grew up playing golf and began competing in local tournaments at the the age of 10. She competed all over Texas in NTPGA, AJGA and TJGT events as well on her high school varsity golf team at John Paul High School. Piper was an All-State letterman all 4 years of her high school career and the 2013 Regional Champion her senior year. From there Piper went on to play collegient golf at Stephen F. Austin where she was named womens golf MVP her freshmen year and All-Conference in 2014 + 2015. Piper loves the game of golf and looks forward to passing on her knowledge to her students.

Vivian O'Grady

A Plano native, O'Grady began her golf journey 6 years ago when she attended Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas. At Liberty she competed all 4 years on her high school team, she also competed in tournaments in the NTPGA and Dallas Junior Championship. Upon graduation Vivian would play collegiatly at the University of Texas at Dallas where she continues her studies of health care studies. Vivian uses her own experiences as a student athelete to guide aspiring and current golf students.

Jonathan Perez

Jonathan Perez has been playing the game of since he was 11 years old in Victoria, Texas. In 1997 is when Jonathans competitive career began, competiting in PAGA and winning Nationals back to back at 13. Jonathan also competed at Saint Joeseph High School all 4 years. In 2006 Jonathan enlisted into the Army as an Infrantry man, two years later he gained his Green Beret by becoming a Special Forces Engineer. Jonathan has a B.S. in Business from ECPI University and is currently as student at the Golf Academy of America. Jonathans passion for the game helps him provide professional golf instruction that can be easily relatable and understood for golfers of all levels.

Logan Loewer

Logan is from Alexandria, Lousisiana where he has been in the golf business for nearly 8 years. He competed on high school at Alexandria Senior High School where he competed for 1 year and competed in the State Regional his senior year. Upon graduation Logan was a member of the mens golf team at Louisiana State Universtiy at Alexandria golf team, but due to a shoulder injury his playing days were over. Logan is currently a student at the Golf Academy of America in Farmers Branch, Texas. Logan's passion for golf is what drives him to provide professional instruction to all ages that is easily understandable and relatable.