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The program 6 months long, beginning in March and running through August. The students will receive 16 hours of coaching and instruction per month. That will consist of four hours a week total. These lessons are broken down into 2 two hour sessions twice a week.


The program is open to current 8th graders and above who have a desire to play High School Golf. This will be a very structured program and each student will get personal attention while in the program and continued support after the completion of the program.


The student ratio is 3 students to 1 coach. We feel that with this ratio that each student will receive equal amounts of time.


We look forward to helping our juniors become the best that they can be and do all that we can to help them down that pathway to success.

  • A basic understanding of the fundamentals of the golf swing

  • An understanding of the basic rules of the game

  • Shoot a score of 50 or better in 9 holes (boys)

  • Shoot a score of 60 or better in 9 holes (girls)

Pathway to High School Golf is one of the most unique programs that your child could take advantage of.

  • Full swing

  • Short game

  • Course management

  • Mental confidence

  • Rules

  • Etiquette

  • Fitness

  • Tournament readiness

  • On course supervised play

In 6 months, your child will gain abilities and poise

Criteria to obtain enrollment

Improve your skills


To prepare your child to make the team, call us now:





The best way for you teen to develop the confience to be a competitive golfer.

juniors (Blake and Mitchell)